Digital Court Technology

AMIRIS is a digital court solution designed to expedite the administration of justice by streamlining operations for judiciary and legal practitioners.


eFILING For Lawyers

eFILING For Lawyers

Online portal for ease of case filing, document tracking, and notifications from Court.​

Queue Management

Queue Management

Fast-track registration and scheduling of cases.​

Recording and Transcription

Recording & Transcription

Clear, transparent, and real-time records of court proceedings.

eFILING For Lawyers

eFILING For Court Staff

Online portal for efficient document management, file search, and reporting.​

Case Management System

Case Management System

Integrated system for seamless processing of cases.

Amiris Consulting Services

AMIRIS Consulting Services

Design and implementation of AMIRIS systems.

Efficiency Court

Improved Efficiency in
Court Delivery system

Case Backlog

Significant Reduction in
Case Backlog

Improved Security

Improved Security of
Document Storage

Case Completion

Faster Completion
of Cases


Case Transparency

Greater Transparency in
Case Processing

24 hour Access

24-Hour Access
From Any Location

Time Saving

Significant Time Saving
For All Court Users

Automated & Streamlined
Court Processes


Courts in Malaysia with
Digital Recording & Transcription
0 %
Immediate reduction in
case backlog
0 %
Reduction in number of days taken for
Trial, Judgment & Filing
60> 60
Improved Malaysia's Ranking for
Enforcing Contracts
  • eCOURTS assists us very much. I can know how many cases there are at any time in remote locations. If there is a problem, it is flagged and we can address it immediately.                     We are grateful to the technology.”

    Rt Hon Tun Arifin Zakaria

    Former Chief Justice of Malaysia
  • “The eFILING system allows for a far more efficient way of case filing. It saves a lot of time being able now to search for cases almost instantly on the internet. I am also able to keep track of my cases on mobile while on the go. Ultimately, the magic of the system is that it returns time into the hands of lawyers to channel into actual legal work instead of being bogged down by paperwork.”


    Partner at Steven Thiru & Sudhar Partnership
  • eCOURTS has made Court Filing efficient. Lawyers are no longer bound by the 3:45 PM filing time constraint and the long waits in queue in Court. With eCOURTS, lawyers can file any Court document at any time and from the comfort of one’s office”


    Malaysia Lawyer

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