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eFILING For Lawyers

eFILING For Lawyers

  • Web portal for lawyers to access and file case documents from anywhere.
  • Easy registration of master and filing accounts.
  • Secure electronic sealing and digital signature to prevent tampering and ensure non-repudiation.
  • Automated calculation of fees & online payment available 24/7.
  • Case registration: multiple plaintiff / defendant parties allowed and document upload.
  • Guaranteed serving of summons or delivery of case documents.
  • Online file search and viewing of document status / case review by officers.

Court Officers

  • Distinct roles & user settings for scanning, filing & case management.
  • Clear delineation for each level of court.
  • Transparent assigning of cases.
  • Integrated scanning & upload of documents.
  • Case registration & auto-application of fees based on document type.
  • Efficient file search, tracking & audit trail of all cases.
  • Flexible self-managed reports for management information.
  • Automated archival & back-up for secure storage.
eFILING For Court Officers​
Case & Queue Management System

Case & Queue
Management System

  • Issues unique case number upon registration.
  • Schedules case based on routing rules.
  • Automatically updates cause list or case roll.
  • Registrars can record case progress & notes live during case mention / management.
  • Customisable for specific needs eg: Probate / caveat directory, Powers of Attorney.
  • Routes case information to Transcription & QMS components for scheduling.
  • Integrated Queue Management System [QMS] for lawyers to register attendance via self-service kiosk.
  • QMS integrated with SMS gateway to notify both parties upon start of session.

Automated Transcription

  • Supports various video formats (e.g. MP4, WMV and etc).
  • Full audio & visual recording playback and speech transcription of proceedings.
  • Online transcription editor (modify, delete, add) available.
  • Export and download of edited transcript.
  • Supports transcription up to 5 speakers or audio channels.
  • Supports multi-languages transcription per video file.
  • Integrates with CRT devices to get the source of the video file without the need to manually upload the video file
  • Proprietary algorithms to significantly cut down the time, cost and storage space needed to transcribe.

Module Highlights

  • Expedites provision of Court Proceedings with a high level of accuracy/reliability.
  • Court Audio Recordings are retrievable via search by keyword, making it easy to instantly navigate and review the playback.
  • Minimises the requirement for court interpreters to be present, ensuring easier disposal of cases.
  • Reduces Operational Costs.
  • 110+ languages supported.
Automated Transcription


  • Enables online bidding with participation by registered bidders from any location.
  • Ensures anonymity of bidders.
  • Ease of participation promotes greater interest in auctions, helping to secure higher sale values.
  • Provides integrated, secure, open payment platform accessible to all regardless of bank preference.
  • Communicates payment and verification instructions to facilitate the bidding.
  • Successful bid is processed and acknowledged quickly by bank partner, eAUCTION platform is updated.
  • Unsuccessful bid deposits are refunded quickly; eAUCTION allows bidders option to reassign bids.
  • Transactional requests are digitally secured with strong compliant protocols.
  • Transactions referenced by number only. No personal data is transferred.
  • Encryption to further protect from cyber attack.

Module Highlights

  • Streamlined process for better control & traceability over auction activity.
  • Higher revenue potential from smoother processing.
  • Enhanced platform promotes greater user confidence in Court services.
  • Continuous monitoring & maintenance included as part of the scope.

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